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1.  Various kinds of activities

2. The Ecoconut Tours organization

    2.1 Eco-tour of Olango Island: Adventures & Discovery from one small island to another; All included    

   2.2 Express Eco-Tour of Olango Island

   2.3 From one small island to another; Snorkeling

   2.4 Two-day Eco-tour of Olango Island: Full Adventure & Discovery from one small island to another

  2.5 - Educational Eco-tour (for Cebu school students)

  2.6 - Personal Charter Boat – A cruise « « à la carte »

  2.7 - Eco-tour "à la carte" - Bohol

  2.8 - Eco-tour "à la carte" - Banaue

The tours & the rates

2.4 Two-day Eco-tour of Olango Island: Full Adventure & Discovery from one small island to another.

We have designed this program especially for those of you who want to really relax while discovering all the details of this tropical paradise.

- Indicative Program for this two-day Tour (*)

         Main steps (2 days and 1 night)               Activities
 Day 1.  
 Morning (departure at 9 a.m. from Mactan harbor :  Island hopping from one small island to another and Olango archipelago discovery.
Snorkeling in the marine sanctuary of Talima.
 Lunch break around 12 noon: Picnic either on the Island or on the boat.
 Afternoon : Olango Island exploration, starting from the harbor and then visiting the exceptional site of Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, observing its flora and the migratory birds.
In-depth guided tour of Olango.
 Late afternoon : Transfer to the local accommodation of your choice: camping, comfortable cottage in the base camp, or having a night with a Filipino family, in one of their traditional cottage, made of bamboo.
 In the evening: Dining with a Filipino family. This experience will allow you to become
Friends with the family you are with (Depending on your choice, you will have the possibility to go to dinner on your own).
 Day 2.  
 Morning: Breakfast where ever you are.
Coconut Village and tropical shell factory visit.
Meeting with some local fishermen to discover their techniques of local fishing through demonstrations and discussions.
 Lunch break around 12 noon: Picnic.
 Afternoon: Snorkeling in the marine sanctuary of Hilutungan.
 Late afternoon: Trip back to Mactan harbor by boat.

(*)This schedule is provided for information purposes only. The schedule may change due to weather conditions or local tides.

- About our prices (per Tour per Person):
From 2 to 3 people: 6900 Philippines Pesos (PHP)
From 4 to 5 people: 4700 PHP
From 6 to 9 people: 3700 PHP
Above 10 people: 2800 PHP

Currency converter :

Our prices include:
- Round-trip by boat starting from and finishing at Mactan harbor;
- Local transportation on Olango Island;
- A tourist guide for the duration of the Tour;
- An expert guide for visiting the protected site of Olango « Wildlife Sanctuary »;
- The entrance fees for the sites and marine parks of this Tour;
- The 2 BBQ lunch picnics;
- The gear for observing the migratory birds;
- The gear for snorkeling: mask, snorkel, swim fins;
- Fresh coconut food sampling in the Coconut Village.

Our prices do not include:
- The accommodation on Olango Island (depending on your choice among the 3 possibilities listed here below);
- The dinner and the breakfast on Olango Island.

- Your Accommodation on Olango Island

A/ Make your choice: For this 2-day Tour, you also have to choose the kind of accommodation you would like on Olango Island among the 3 following possibilities selected by Ecoconut Tours Inc.:

  • A night with a Filipino family in a traditional house made of bamboo;
  • Outdoor camping at the Nature Center;
  • A room in the big lodging Center made of bamboo.

B/ Cost of your accommodation for a night on Olango Island:

  • A night with a Filipino family: 700 Philippines Pesos (PHP) per person
  • Outdoor camping: 300 PHP per person
  • A room in the big lodging Center: 400 PHP per person

To encourage you to experience traditional cooking in the village, our prices do not include evening dinner or morning breakfast. The cost of dinner and breakfast is about 1000 PHP per person (for a traditional dinner including a soup, meat or fish with rice, fresh tropical fruits, soda, fruit juice or mineral water, thea or coffee and a breakfast including thea or coffee, french toasts, jam, eggs and fruit juice) served at your lodging accommodation.


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